A gingerbread man with information coming out of him, explaining how gender and sex both work.
Gender identity is a complex and ever-changing thing.

While the image doesn’t do much justice for the landlord, he’s clearly not happy.

Candace Owens speaking into a microphone.
Candace Owens thinks so… but Candace Owens thinks a lot of things, which only make sense to Candace Owens.

A pair of onions sitting together.
Hate these things!!

Former Prime Minister Theresa May shaking hands with Jesus House representatives, with press surrounding them.
Conservatives seem to take a weird liking to this church… even the pro-gay conservatives.

A Guardian newspaper front page, with faces of many women.
The article in question, which caused some uproar.

Hey! I’m a 17 year old Scottish blogger, check out my blogs on gender politics, actual politics, and the world around us, plus some fun stuff! Any/pronouns.

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