Super Straight? Super Stupid.

Why does the LGBTQ+ community exist? Because we’re a minority. Yes, we’re growing in numbers thanks to people feeling like they need to repress their true identity less, but we’re a minority. A vulnerable minority. Ever heard of a straight person getting beaten for their sexuality? A cisgender person being denied access to healthcare? Nope, of course not. So why do straight people believe they’re oppressed?

The ‘Super Straight, reminiscent of some far-right bullshitery from 4chan, was incubated via Twitter, where it began trending quickly. Unsurprisingly, backlash to the Super Straight movement was harsh. #supergay was perhaps one of my favourite hashtags, because it was a simplistic yet defiant message to the homophobes.

It started with this TikToker, called Kyle Royce, who claims he is super straight.

“Yo, guys, I made a new sexuality now, actually, It’s called ‘super straight,’ OK? Since I get called transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans woman.”

Listen, Kyle, there are some opinions you just keep to yourself. The idea of inventing your own sexuality just to project your transphobic nuances is both pathetic and desperate. The irony? Kyle and his band of ‘super straight’ cronies would probably call us LGBTQ+ folks ‘snowflakes’ for pointing out how damaging and idiotic this new movement is. Kyle ‘Super Straight’ Royce, who is now trying to raise $100,000 on a GoFundMe under the “Rent, Food & Monthly Bills” category, has had his TikTok account terminated.

The truth is, Super Straight doesn’t just reek of far-right insecurity, stupidity, sheepery and hypocrisy. It’s literally open transphobia. And it shows.

I posted on Twitter the other day:

“This whole #superstraight movement consists of ‘edgy’ cishet teenagers following each other in this ridiculous homophobic, transphobic act of indoctrination. Am I going to write a blog post highlighting how problematic and idiotic this is? Absolutely.”

The anger brought out by people who believed they were correct was hilarious. A so-called centrist and argument winner claimed that the ‘Super Straight’ movement was ‘bait.’ There is nothing ‘bait’-worthy about transphobia. They went continued to claim that this wasn’t -phobic in any way and make a bunch of other arguments which didn’t make much sense. I stopped replying after that, the headache was too much.

This ‘argument-winner’, self confessed troller and ‘Super Straight’ supporter was spouting out poorly formed, illogical arguments about how this wasn’t transphobia, despite the fact the person who started the ‘Super Straight’ movement was airing his opinions on a public channel. Yes, he is entitled to opinions. But him being the new poster child (very much a child) of the ‘Super Straight’ movement helps to spread trans-exclusionary ideologies, and goes as far as acting as a recruitment tool for the alt-right and to spread Nazi imagery.

Thus why this post exists. And some may argue that you cannot fight fire with fire, but I’m simply doing what Kyle was doing, whining and expressing my opinions on a public platform. I’m making a new blog post, it’s called “Super Straight? Super Stupid”, because I get called a snowflake for pointing out homophobia and transphobia. Best bit? Poor guy is sixteen years old. Perhaps the Republican Party might recruit him for some work experience.

The keyboard warriors came from all sides though. Some TERF-in-chief Joanna Cherry supporters jumped on the bandwagon. They claimed that what they taught in school was fueling this supposed indoctrination. ‘Super Straight’ supporters come from everywhere, even Scotland! Then again, why am I surprised? Moronic people supporting a moronic yellow Tory, who support a moronic movement.

Just like Super Straight, Cherry is pretty rotten. Ever left cherries out and they’ve gone all wrinkly and are just disgusting to eat? Yep, that’s her. These people complain about indoctrination in schools and how our progressive LGBT curriculum is making things too complex for them to handle, yet the Super Straight movement has garnered thousands of supporters beyond the cesspits of 4chan. And these supporters can be okay people! An acquiantance of mine’s brother went from being neutral on LGBTQ+ issues (which is totally fine, some people are unopininated and chilled out about things in general) to spouting incorrect, homophobic and transphobic statements.

Although, the majority of the supporters just seem to be teenagers trying to be edgy, or TERFs who have found somewhere safe to hide, as their limited brainpower makes it difficult for them to comprehend the fact that there are more than two genders in the world.

Some people might look at Super Straight and think it makes sense. After all, not everyone wants to date a trans person right? Yet, the vast majority will complain, “it’s about their genitals.” If you have an issue with a trans person’s genitals, don’t have sex with them. Sex doesn’t, and shouldn’t, define relationship. If you don’t want to date a trans person, keep that opinion to yourself. If you find yourself in a relationship with a trans person and truly care about them, but you’re not entirely comfortable, you’ll find a way to make it work.

Super Straight is a trans-exclusionary and poorly thought up movement, straight from the depths of 4chan. Let’s put it back there.

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